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​Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, OMD

Metabolic Typing

"One Mans Food is Another Mans Poison"

Did you know that you are actually very different, biochemically speaking, from every other person who ever was or ever will be? It’s true. Your body’s biochemical makeup is as unique as your fingerprints!

For genetic reasons, we’re all very different in the way that our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Throughout man’s evolutionary history, people all over the world have been forced to adapt to widely varying environmental circumstances — including very different climates and food supplies.

As an example, traditional Eskimos thrive on very large quantities of meat and fat, while people born in the tropics stay healthy eating fruits and grains and other light vegetarian fare.

For decades, scientists have observed that people who eat according to their genetically based dietary needs have virtually no incidence of cancer, heart disease, or any other degenerative ailments. Do you know your unique genetically based nutritional needs?

Has this ever happened to you?
  • You want to lose weight, so you try your best friend’s diet. She lost 35 pounds quickly, but you can’t seem to shed an ounce.
  • Your friend, the vegetarian, thrives on pasta and vegetables and has boundless energy. But when you imitate his diet, your energy plummets and you can hardly drag yourself out of bed.
  • You eat all the best foods, take only the finest quality supplements, you exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yet you still don’t feel well.
  • You believe in nutrition, but you’ve given up on it. It’s impossible to make sense of the confusing and contradictory information flooding the market.

Put an end to the confusion about what diet is right for YOU and which supplements YOU really need.

Read more below about Metabolic Typing®. It’s the wave of the future and it’s here today!

Optimize Your Health by Customizing Your Diet

​Metabolic Typing® is an easy-to-use, proven technology that allows you to rapidly identify your own highly individualized dietary needs. This extraordinary technology represents the combined efforts of some of this century’s leading medical researchers — people who are well known for pioneering achievements in nutritional science.

Now you can benefit from this simple system to identify your Metabolic Type®. Then you’ll know how to select just the right “body fuel” — foods, food combinations and nutrients — that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency. With this leading edge dietary technology you may:

  • Prevent and reverse chronic illness
  • Optimize your physical energy and your mental clarity
  • Lose weight naturally and maintain your ideal weight
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Overcome mood swings and depression

Dr. Eichelberger is a Certified Healthexcel Metabolic Typing® Advisor. Contact him today to start your journey to greater health and well being.

What is Involved?

Here’s how it works:

  • Make an appointment with us for your Metabolic Type® Testing
  • Fill out the online Metabolic Typing® Questionnaire at home
  • Receive your report that reveals
    • Your Metabolic Type®
    • Your Metabolic Type® Food List
    • Your Metabolic Type® Supplement Program, customized for you
    • Come back periodically for follow-up testing to monitor your progress and chart your success with your Metabolic Type® Program
Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the ​11 fundamental homeostatic balancing mechanisms addressed by Metabolic Typing®, click here.

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