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Medical Qigong

An Ancient Technique for Balancing Your Energy

Medical Qigong (pronounced "chee kung") is a healing technique with ancient roots. The ancient Chinese discovered that they could directly sense and correct imbalances in the human energy field. They called what they were feeling "Qi", which is usually translated as "energy" or "vitality".

Dr. Eichelberger uses Medical Qigong as part of his Oriental Medical practice, along with acupuncture and herbal and nutritional medicine.

He also teaches this ancient art to healthcare practitioners wanting to broaden their skills. With over 30 years experience in Medical Qigong, he knows how to get directly to what’s most important in order to optimize the effect of this technique. Instruction is only offered on an individual basis to ensure you get maximum benefit from the training.

To schedule an appointment for a Medical Qigong treatment or interview about private training in this powerful technique, call (775) 827-6901 or email me by clicking here.