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Improving Men’s Health

Little-Known Ancient Natural Remedies For Increasing Sexual Performance in Men Age 50 And Beyond

If you are male age 50 or over, you may have experienced a drop in your sex life. Either you have less interest or you are not able to perform like you once did. This can cause stress and problems in a relationship. And often someone in this situation feels like the intimate part of their life is over forever.

But is it?

Not necessarily. There are a number of little-known, but powerfully effective natural remedies that can reverse this trend. These come from the ancient Chinese medical tradition. For example,

  • Ginseng is commonly called the “King of Herbs.” But did you know there is a much less commonly known substance that supports physical stamina and staying power? Chinese Emperors had dozens, and sometimes hundreds of concubines. And they used this specific substance to improve their endurance. Because of this it gained the nickname “The Herb of Kings.” You may be surprised when you discover what it is.
  • In Sumatra there is an herb used for centuries by the natives to enhance sexual performance. It has the reputation of letting a man have the same quality sex they enjoyed in youth. Some report their experience is even better than in younger years. And modern research shows that it safely increases testosterone levels. The hard part is finding high quality sources of this powerful herb. You will learn the best source for achieving the most powerful effect.
  • This “herb” is actually a very specific part of an animal. It is harvested without killing or hurting the animal in any way. When taken, it supports high levels of endurance, preserves youthfulness and enhances longevity. But you can’t just use any part of it. Only when it is harvested correctly does it give you the most potent effect. Find out why you should only use products that are made this exact way.

These are only some of the treasures of the Chinese herbal tradition that support a healthy sex drive.

If you or a man you love experiences a loss of sexual quality of life, these remedies can often help. How do I know? As a man over 60, I have personal experience with them. And as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine I have 42 years of experience to know which remedies will be effective for your particular situation. And I’ve had the privilege to help men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond turn around their love life.

These issues can be hard to talk about. Fortunately, they are often easy to treat. Call to make an appointment to get the exact right combination of remedies that will support your love life in middle age and beyond. Contact me by email here, or call the office at 775-827-6901.